Collaboration with Revive Retreat: Mia Piel Skincare in Costa Rica

Collaboration with Revive Retreat: Mia Piel Skincare in Costa Rica

Collaboration with Revive Retreat

At Mia Piel Skincare we are excited to share the highlights of our recent collaboration with Revive Retreat, held in the heart of Costa Rica. Our natural skincare brand, rooted in the healing essence of Ibiza, perfectly aligns with Revive Retreat’s holistic approach to wellness. This partnership provided a unique opportunity to connect with nature, nourish our bodies, and rejuvenate our spirits.

Each day at the retreat began with a deep dive into Morning mindfulness practices. Participants engaged in sunrise yoga classes, guided meditations, and breath work sessions designed to release stress and renew energy. These activities harmonized beautifully with our skincare philosophy, emphasizing the importance of healing, and nourishing the body from the inside out.

Revive Retreat encouraged attendees to step out of their comfort zones and challenge limiting beliefs. This focus on personal growth is something we at Mia Piel Skincare deeply resonate with. Just as our products aim to nurture and heal, the retreat inspired participants to embrace new experiences and discover their zest for life. It’s a reminder that growth often comes from pushing our boundaries and trying something new. Nutrition is a cornerstone of holistic health, and the retreat’s cuisine was a testament to this belief. Attendees enjoyed healthy, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals, accommodating a range of dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. This emphasis on nourishing the body through wholesome food complements our commitment to using natural, earth-derived ingredients.

Nestled in the jungle, Revive Retreat’s location offered breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s largest waterfall. This serene setting allowed participants to reconnect with nature, which is at the core of Mia Piel Skincare’s ethos. We believe Mother Earth provides everything we need to heal and thrive, and the retreat’s natural surroundings reinforced this belief, fostering a deep sense of harmony and restoration. One of the most rewarding aspects of the retreat was the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Sharing experiences and building lasting relationships is a vital part of personal and communal growth. Our collaboration with Revive Retreat, led by friend Ruby and Reka, exemplified this. Having known Ruby from our Ibiza days, it was wonderful to see our journey evolve and transform into a meaningful partnership.

Food For Thought

This collaboration was more than just a partnership; it was a celebration of aligned values and shared visions. Brands like Revive Retreat resonate with Mia Piel Skincare because we both prioritize holistic wellness, natural healing, and personal growth. Through these collaborations, we can tap into the right audience—people who will appreciate and benefit from our products.  We look forward to future partnerships that allow us to continue our journey of healing, growth, and connection. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and experiences as we continue to bring the best of natural skincare and holistic wellness to our community.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Revive Retreat was a beautiful blend of nature, mindfulness, and personal growth. It reinforced our belief that true wellness comes from a deep connection with Mother Earth and a commitment to nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits. We are excited for what the future holds and are grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you.

Big Thank You to Ruby and Reka for giving Mia Piel the chance to be a part of the experience! We cant wait to see to whats next.

Sheree x

The Orchard Studios Collaboration

The Orchard Studios Collaboration

The Orchard Studios x Mia Piel Collab

Its time to talk about our collaborations! Over the past few months we have been searching and curating for the perfect partners. The first we want to discuss and tell you all about is one that is close to my heart, not only on a professional level but a personal one too.
When thinking about the growth of Mia , its crucial for me and the business that we are reaching the right audience. Yes the natural skincare industry is obviously my primary focus, but as i have mentioned efrom the beginning, Mia is more than just a skincare brand, we are rooted in growth, healing and wellbeing.
I met harriett here in ibiza back in 2018, back then she was the photographer on a campaign i was modelling for and from there are friendship blossomed. Harriet has produced Some of my favourite photos captured of me during an impromptu shooting at the infamous pikes. Harriet then returned to the UK permanently where she started her venture on the renovating the farm and creating her family, all of  which I watched and admired here in Ibiza. We stayed in touch and she shared her ideas she had for the farm,  Harriet is an amazing woman and has a her own unique style and taste which is admire so much, so when i launched Mia Piel i couldnt wait to ask her about the possibility of collaborating with The orchard studios.
The orchard studios is not only absolutely stunning inside and out but the home of hollistic wellbeing, offering a variety of yoga classes hosted by Harriet herself and others.  From sound healing to meditation classes and retreats she covers a variety of classes and teachings all on the bespoke farm based in Cheshire. If you are ever in the area, make sure you check it out!
This year Mia Piel will be providing sample bags and a exsclusive discount code that will be included in the orchard studios retreats. We believe the clients here will resonate with our brand and products deeply as does Harriet. Lets celebrate Healing your body from the inside out, the natural way!
Love Sheree x